Luxury Flats in Epping

Project Facts

Epping, Essex

Project team
Lead designer - BRD Tech Ltd Structural Engineers - RCA Structures


The original design brief was to replace an existing dwelling in a prestigious setting with an equally impressive substantial single dwelling.

This was achieved and planning granted , but with the protracted nature of the planning system, a seismic shift occurred in the housing market and the project needed a total rethink once planning had finally been granted.


Our Client asked if we could replace the dwelling with a building comprising individual apartments. We had banked a planning consent for a very substantial dwelling and were pleased with the appearance of the building in its context. We looked carefully at the design and considered that we could actually work within the approved envelope and create 4 self- contained dwellings that would fit the prevailing market.

From the outset, our approach was to design a building that would sit comfortably with its neighbours and to that end, we pursued the Arts and Crafts style of design that is common in this part of the town.

The internal load paths and layout were able to be adapted to create a single dwelling on the ground floor , two on the first floor and a spectacular penthouse on the second floor.

Work Delivered

BRD Tech worked closely with our client on the original design for the single dwelling and had informal meetings with the Planning Dept prior to a formal application being submitted. Once the decision was made to re-design the interior, we once again met with the Planning Dept before submitting a revised planning application. Having gained approval, we worked closely with the appointed Structural engineers and produced a set of drawings from which the Clients Project Manager could complete the project. We attended site when requested and also completed the individual title drawings and brochure drawings to assist with the registry of the plots and also their sale.

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